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Do Not Allow Your Gardeners to Illegally Dump Outside Yard Waste in Your Trash Pit
Posted Date: 6/25/2018

Lawn maintenance, landscaping and tree trimming companies hired by Coral Gables residents are not allowed to dump yard waste from clients outside of Coral Gables for City pick up. This illegal dumping has dramatically increased the City’s landscape collections in the past three years.

Coral Gables residents are allowed one cubic yard of trash, including landscape waste, on a weekly basis. Collection in excess of one cubic yard will be at an additional charge to the property owner. Code Enforcement Officers will be issuing fines to all residents who violate this ordinance. Please help us ensure Coral Gables lives up to its City Beautiful tradition. Read the Code below:

Coral Gables, Florida – Code of Ordinances
Chapter 54 – Solid Waste

Sec. 54-146. - Permitted areas of disposition of household refuse and clean yard waste; weekly city collection; sizing of tree limbs and trunks; limitations on time of deposits; special pick-up for white goods.
(a)  Violations of this section are punishable as provided in section 1-7.
(b)  All residents and occupants of property within the city shall deposit accumulations of household refuse and clean yard waste upon the parkway immediately abutting the property of the person by whom such accumulation is made. Where such premises are located upon a used alley, accumulations shall be placed at a point easily accessible from and readily noticeable from such alley, in a manner that does not block access through the alley. Residents are permitted to have only one trash deposit location per residence. All aforementioned accumulations shall be removed and disposed of by the employees of the city (or the city's solid waste franchisee), except that such residents and occupants may arrange for the private removal and transportation of such trash and clean yard waste to points approved and designated by the city, provided a permit has been previously issued by the city and that no reduction in the solid waste collection fee is applicable. Lawn maintenance, landscaping and tree trimming companies working for any property owner within the city limits are exempt from these permit requirements only with respect to the debris created by their work within the city. These same service providers are only permitted to use right-of-way trash deposit locations for debris generated by their work on the properties directly adjacent to the trash deposit locations.
(1)  Owners of properties may share the use of a single trash pickup location on the public right-of-way, which overlaps the projection of the shared property line as it would cross the right-of-way. In so doing, each property owner is made responsible for the proper management of said shared location. Each property owner will be jointly and severally responsible for compliance with all applicable Code requirements associated with the shared trash pickup location.
(2)  Distinct trash pile areas fully within the right-of-way adjacent to one property may also be shared. The property owner directly adjacent to that right-of-way may agree to share the location with a neighbor, and in so doing does accept responsibility for the trash deposited in the shared trash pile as if it were generated from the property of that owner. Any Code violations associated with those shared locations are solely the responsibility of the receiving property owner.
(3)  Household refuse and clean yard waste may not be placed against the trunks of trees or palms or on top of the roots of trees or palms in close proximity to same (as a general rule, trash shall be kept a minimum of five feet away from the base of trees and palms), or against or on top of utility installations including drainage inlets, or in any manner so as to cause damage to the public infrastructure or so as to cause a hazardous condition to be created. The city is authorized to further regulate the location of trash piles in the public right-of-way, in a manner consistent with the best interests of the city.
(c)  Household refuse and clean yard waste placed upon the parkway shall be removed by the city once each week or as directed by the city manager. Any tree trunks or stumps shall be cut to a maximum length of three feet when placed upon the parkway for pickup by the city.
(d)  All residents and occupants of property within the city are prohibited from depositing household refuse in trash piles, any earlier than 6:00 p.m. of the day preceding the designated collection day and any later than 7:00 a.m. on the day of the scheduled collection.
(e)  White goods shall not be placed on the parkway without notification to the city and the scheduling of a special pick-up appointment.
(Code 1991, § 21-51; Code 2006, § 54-153; Ord. No. 3033, § 1, 7-20-1993; Ord. No. O-2004-12, § 1, 3-9-2004)